Jeremie Belpois

Anonymous asked: BAM! You are now five, no... TWO! YES! TWO YEARS OLD. Also, your programs are disabled. And Alan Meyer is coming in two days. And XANA wants to blow up the lab. Have fun. P.S. You are a Two Year Old for 1 week.

Well, I don’t know how long ago this was sent, so I guess I’m back to normal and everything’s okay.

Anonymous asked: You know who Alan Meyer is, don't you? Stop lying. As punishment, your computer is on time lock for 1 day.

Well, assuming this was sent a while ago, that must mean my computer is unlocked. 

Anonymous asked: Why would you go into an abandoned factory just to look for robot parts?

I was looking for parts to complete my projects. 

Anonymous asked: >:) iiiiiiiiiiii knooooowww your seeeeecret

What secret? I don’t believe I really have any?


Got some stuff I need to work on.